About Football golf

Football golf is a mixture of football, miniature golf and golf, and is a fun and entertaining game for every one.

For a fun day in the open air, we recommend soccer golf as an activity for the whole family, or a group of friends who are keen to take on a challenge.

Football Golf is a cross between football, golf and mini golf, and can be played by anyone. Players have a football each and the feet have to carry over, under and through the many obstacles on the field. The player using the fewest kicks to get the ball in the 18 holes on the course will win. But here, even seasoned football players get into trouble, so first and last places are not a foregone conclusion!

The circuit design and obstacles are very different and each hole is challenging in its own way. There are nice seating and dining areas on the way round to enjoy. You can take a picnic along with you and enjoy the food in the open or in the shade.

The track does not require football boots.