About Pier to Heaven bar

Relaxing whiskey and rum bar with delicious cocktails, wine, beer and snacks. Combine your drink with our own charcuterie plate or enjoy a cup of coffee with home baking.

Pier to Heaven is located in the old ice factory at Klintholm harbour, which is full of life and atmosphere in the summer.
The lovely bar is decorated in a quirky and inspiring style that will impress most of its customers.

The site offers a wide selection of delicious cocktails, wine and snacks and is a place for those who love life and people with a penchant for informal and social relaxation.
The bar offers – in addition to wine and beer – a lot of specialities in the form of local Møn gin and other delicious spirits from around the world.
In addition to the atmospheric alcoholic beverage bar, it also offers delicious coffee with good cake if you have a sweet tooth.

It can all be enjoyed at the tables and chairs at the edge of the harbour, where you can enjoy relaxed summer harbour life.