Snorkeling by Møns Klint

About Snorkeling by Møns Klint

Discover Møns Klint under the sea surface with a snorkeling guide and explore the underwater path at Kalvehave Harbour on your own with the project UNDINE II. Get af leaflet at the tourist information.

Discover Møns Klint underwater! A guided tour with snorkelling is an experience you will never forget.

The Danish waters offer many exciting experiences in nature, but the water at Møns Klint is very special with its azure-green colour. Cliff chalk makes the water look like the Mediterranean and the surface of the sea bed is brighter than anywhere else in the Nordic countries. This provides some exciting surroundings to explore the flora and fauna near the coast of the Baltic Sea.

A guide from the Møns Klint GeoCenter shows the most interesting places from under the water in the area and talks about marine life along the way. The trips are obviously weather-dependent.