Strandsøgaard Winery & Shop

About Strandsøgaard Winery & Shop

Winery and wine shop in the eastern part of Møn with the option of a walk through the fields and a talk about the wine production.

Strandsøgaard Vineyard is right by the water’s edge in Råbylille and exudes holiday fun and a great atmosphere.

Here, the Møn “winegrower” Finn Skaaning is ready to welcome you to his vineyard, where he will tell you about his great passion for local viticulture and wine production. Here you can also go on the field and walk to see the vines. You will also be able to see the process in the vineyard- and taste the local golden drops.

The homemade wines can be purchased in the lovely and well-stocked wine shop, which also offers a lot of popular wines from many other countries. You will also find a large selection of delicious South African wines that have been imported.

So, if you are looking for a different and local wine experience, then take a quick trip to Strandsøgaard Vineyard in Råbylille.