Bodil Keramik pottery

About Bodil Keramik pottery

Small shop and workshop with high-quality ceramics in unique designs. Teapots, cups, dishes and much more.

When you step into the lovely shop at Østmøn, you will see the many ceramic works that Bodil has made.

Bodil has had her own shop since 1969 after she trained as a potter and only uses traditional pottery methods. Everything is handmade!

See the store’s extensive selection of cups, pitchers and bowls in a variety of designs.

In recent years, we have seen a resurgence of ceramics and it has become trendy and popular to have ceramics at home. A resurgence that Bodil has also experienced.

Selected reviews:

Reveiwed on 23/04/2017

Hyggeligt, smuk keramik! En lille men meget smagfuld forretning hvor du kan finde alle mulige slags keramik. Fra lysestage til tekop eller kande er der alt hvad hjertet begærer. Priserne er også rimelige.

Reveiwed by Philip from Maribo, DK