About Mønguide.com

Møn is a great place to be, whether you are a tourist or live here permanently!

There are so many amazing people, experiences and natural beauty – not to mention the many cool events that occur during the year. This abundance of experiences and commitment of local people and businesses must of course have their own and unique place. Therefore, we have Mønguide.com!

Mønguide.com has its primary focus on Møn, Bogo and Nyord, each of which helps to make the area around Møn something special. One area which we dare to call “Denmark’s loveliest coastal area”.

Mission: “Mønguide.com gives residents and tourists current information in digital format, about great experiences and events at Møn, Bogo and Nyord – as well as promotes initiatives in the area.”

Who’s behind the project?

My name is Simon Zachodnik and I am the person behind Mønguide.com.
I have developed this place because Møn – with its unique nature, dynamics and peace – is one of the loveliest areas in Denmark … well maybe in the whole world!

I have spent years involved with marketing experiences on Møn – primarily with the release of the tourist guide “50 THINGS TO DO IN MØN” where 50 of the coolest experiences on the island are summarised.

I was born and raised in Møn and have a solid knowledge of experiences in the area that I am passionate about helping to develop and market.

Welcome to Mønguide.com!

Simon Zachodnik