The nature of Møn

Møn is something for itself. The island has received international recognition for two strong certifications, such as the Nordic region’s first Dark Sky Park and Denmar’s first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

If yu are walking on Camøno, cycling, on the panoramic routes, riding in the cliff forest, rowing in sea kayaking along our coasts, sailing on a veteran ship or having a look into the next galaxy under the magnificent starry sky, you will be allowed to be yourself. You will meet people who have settled down here to live their dreams and you will experience a Danish island that maintains traditions and is looing forward to a positive future in interaction with nature. We are looking forward to welcome you.

Miøn Biosphere Reserve and Dark Sky Park covers 450 square kilometres on land, the surrounding waters and the dark night sky above the area. Both certifications are based on preserving nature and culture, development on sustainable terms and, not least, sharing knowledge and joy by going new ways.