Shopping in Stege

Stege is the ‘capital’ of Møns and here you will find a large selection of retail shops and speciality stores – and whether you are looking for sports clothing, jewellery or something else, then you will probably find something that you can use in the lovely Storegade, which is also the main shopping street.

In addition, in Stege there is a particularly rich café and restaurant scene with lots of lovely places for relaxation, fun and good food, which will be a good way of relaxing after a serious shopping trip.

Medieval shopping environment

Stege was first mentioned as a market town in 1268, and it still has many traces of the Middle Ages, which makes for a pleasant shopping experience to stroll through the streets from store to store.

At the end of Storegade you will find Mølleporten which dates back to the 1400s and incredibly well preserved. It is certainly worth a trip to stroll along the city on the ramparts, which connects Stege Bugt and Stege Nor, originally one of the many valleys which intersects Møn.

Additionally, you can explore the “Herring route”, which is a historical city walk that tells the story of Stege’s heyday as a market town dating back to 1430-1530, where herring fishing in the waters Møn took a sharp upturn. On the route you are presented with various historical sites that are linked to the amazing herring fishing. One of the stops on the herring route is the impressive Stege Church, which is a symbol of the wealth that herrings gave Stege. A city of Stege’s size would never have been able to afford a church of this calibre – but it was thanks to the herring adventure.

One weekend in the autumn, the significance of herring for the town of Stege is celebrated at the herring market where you are taken back to the historical time when the herring in the waters of Møn gave the city prosperity and wealth. Locals dress in traditional costumes and you are given the opportunity to taste how herrings were prepared at the time. A fun and historic experience for the whole family.

Tuesday Markets

Every year, the population multiplies when Tuesday Markets are held, which is a series of markets with lots of special offers and events in the city.
On these days, Storegade is pedestrianised so the many thousands of happy customers can visit the stalls and shops to see what they have to offer. Furthermore, you can visit the famous artist trail where many of the local artists exhibit and sell their beautiful works.