Møn – an island of enjoyment!

If you have not already visited Møn, then you will enjoy the experience. Møn is a great place, and there is something for everyone.

Tourism has flourished and increased the number and diversity of the many restaurants, shops, galleries, activities and experiences on the island. There are many unique and quirky places, and whether you are looking for a unique ceramic or flowering country escape, everybody can find their special favourite place.

In general, it is the countryside that makes the island unique, and in 2017 Møn was awarded the title as Denmark’s first UNESCO biosphere! This is partly due to residents’ commitment to safeguarding both nature and culture and managing them sustainably now and in the future. There were flowers for the now endangered bees, while there also needs to be room for agriculture.

Biosphere Reserve covers the land, the water and the sky – Møn and Nyord has namely also been awarded the Nordic region’s first Dark Sky certificate! Surrounded by the dark Baltic Sea, the sky over the area has so little light pollution that you can even see the Milky Way with the naked eye. It has long been unable in most of Denmark and Europe because our cities shed so much light that darkness has been clouded. Most people are surprised at the night sky, when they come to the area – and we recommend you take off into the night and look at the stars!