Liza's Gallery & Art shop

About Liza's Gallery & Art shop

Changing exhibitons with Danish and International artists, including Rupert Sutton and Liza Krügermeier’s own work. You will also find a selection of arts and crafts and a full range of artist’s materials.

In the middle of Stege lies the lovely and highly acclaimed Liza’s Gallery, which was opened in 2003 by the couple Liza Krügermeier and Rupert Sutton.

Here, the couple each exhibit their own paintings and run numerous exhibitions of Danish and foreign artists throughout the year.
This ensures that visitors will always find new and interesting exhibits on their visits.

The gallery is located in a historic building dating back to 1774, forming a unique and cosy setting for the many exhibitions. The different exhibition rooms and the cosy courtyard provides a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere – perfect for enjoying good art.

Besides the gallery there is also an art shop where you can buy various art supplies.

Selected reviews:

Reveiwed on 31/03/2016

Hyggelig og central beliggenhed. Galleri i topklasse. Har været der flere gange, dels alene, dels med familie og dels med Møns Kulturhistoriske Forening. I flere tilfælde har Liza vist rundt og fortalt. Superfed kunst af høj kvalitet.

Reveiwed by Tony from Stege, DK