About Mountainbike

Mountainbike expedition to great nature experiences. The ranger informs about nature, geology and plants.

Møn is a true paradise when it comes to cycling – and there are plenty of mountain biking tracks. At Møns Klint, there are lots of great routes for both beginners and the more experienced.

Visit Klinteskoven forest on Møn and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the saddle, where you whizz past beautiful green beech trees along the way. You will also have the opportunity to experience Møns Klint up close, as many of the routes come very close to the edge of the white chalk cliffs. A fantastic sight and unforgettable holiday memories, where you get a sweat on one of Denmark’s most beautiful places.

The terrain in Klinteskoven forest is very hilly and can challenge even the most hardcore mountain bikers. Klinteskoven forest is one of the best places for mountain bikers who appreciate the combination of challenging terrain and beautiful scenery.

A “must” experience when visiting Møn.