Treetop Climbing

About Treetop Climbing

High rope experience in beautiful nature. Small: from 6 years. Medium: from 10 years. Large: from 12 years.

In the beautiful beech forest of the dramatic cliffs at Møns Klint you really can feel the breeze in the treetops. The Møns Klint GeoCenter offers a challenging ride at a high level, which will get most people’s heart pumping.

Climb up high in the beech trees, and swoop through the woods like a bird – the world looks quite different when you move from tree to tree metre after metre. Up here you will experience the intensity of the woods while keeping your balance on the numerous obstacles.

Floating and climbing courses are for anyone who likes excitement – safety is our top priority. Children as young as 6 can try out climbing activities, while wire and cable cars have an age limit of 10 and 12 years respectively. Whether you are a child or adult, it is likely that you will find this activity exhilarating!

Enjoy the view!