Branding-film about Møn and the many cool experiences on the island

That Møn has many experiences to offer residents and tourists is hardly news, but now there is visual proof—namely a branding-film which presents the area and the many cool things that can be experienced on the island.

The film—which is based on the brochure, “50 THINGS TO DO ON MØN”—presents, among other things, the possibilities to bike on the cool mountain biking trails along the cliffs, while also giving a sense of the unique fishing adventures that await visitors when they come to the island. Moreover, the film naturally includes Denmark’s most beautiful location, Møns Klint, which is visited every year by ca. 300,000 visitors.

It is MarketingZoom who has sponsored the film, which was made to show Møn to potentially new tourists, as well as Møn residents who know about our fantastic island of Møn.

MarketingZoom is also responsible for the tourist brochure, “50 THINGS TO DO ON MØN”, as well as the website “Mø,” which presents the many experiences available on Møn.

Watch the film here: