About Dark Sky Park

Experience the night and the starlit sky in a way that you probably haven’t ever seen before. Møn and Nyord have been named as one of the best places for stargazing in the world.

Most tourists are surprised by the striking difference in the number of visible stars in the night sky, when they come to Møn. Here the sky is awash with stars, and the Milky Way is incredibly clear. This is one of the only places in Europe where it is so visible.

Surrounded by the dark Baltic Sea, there is so little light pollution on Møn and Nyord that The International Dark Sky Association has named the area as one of the best places to look for stars in the world. The view of the stars has secured certificates for the Dark Sky Park and the Dark Sky Community.

You do not need to be an astronomer to appreciate the beauty of the sky, and you do not need to own a telescope to come along either – here you can enjoy and marvel at the wonders of the universe with the naked eye. So, grab a deck chair or picnic blanket under your arm and enjoy the amazing light from the moon and stars.

Six of the Best Dark Sky places at Møn:

  1. Observation tower, Ulvshalevej 401, 4780 Stege
  2. Liselund park, Langebjergvej 6, 4791 Borre
  3. Sømarke Stendysse, Stendyssevej, 4791 Borre
  4. Board walk (GeoCenter Møns Klint), Stengårdsvej 8, 4791 Borre
  5. Damsholte Observatory, Grønsundvej 251, 4780 Stege (www.damobs.dk)
  6. The beaches along the southern coast of Møn