GeoCenter Moens Klint

About GeoCenter Moens Klint

Experience the birth of Denmark – Grazy 70 mio. years time travel, 3D cinema, the first dinosaur and much, much more!

At Møns Klint’s prime vantage point and just metres from the steep chalk cliffs is the GeoCenter. This is where you can experience the cliff’s natural history through exciting interactive exhibits – perfect for both children and adults.

The museum takes you through the past 70 million years – including back to the first dinosaur! The dangerous prehistoric creatures you meet face to face in the 3D cinema will bring history to life. In the exhibition How Denmark was born, the story of the country’s geological origins date back to the Cretaceous period, and the distinctive monsters that prevailed at that time.

The GeoCenter is a stimulating experience with sound and light, where visitors will be treated to virtual reality, climbing cave, glacier cinema, 3D cinema, excavation cave and various workshops. Exciting and educational activities for the whole family!

Selected reviews:

Reveiwed on 03/03/2018

Fantastisk sted! Helt igennem fantastisk sted, hvor både ungerne og de voksne morede og hyggede sig samtidig med at vi blev lidt klogere Gode interaktive ting, der faktisk fungerede (det er ikke altid de gør det sådanne steder) Restauranten var god og priserne rimelige. Kan varmt anbefale Geocenter Møn

Reveiwed by Fratzen from Danmark