Møn brewery guided tour

About Møn brewery guided tour

An exciting tour that gets you right up close to the brewing process at the local brewery – and which of course also gives you the chance to try a few fantastic beers along the way.

Møn has, of course, its own beer – and a really good one at that. It has been endorsed by many of the country reviewers and restaurants. The beers produced under the name Bryghuset Møn, and in addition to Møn may be found at many good restaurants around the country. The beer is made from good quality raw ingredients and quality craftsmanship in the boilers in Stege at Møn.

Møns brewery has a wide range of exciting beers with many different flavours. Try the fresh and golden Grønjægers Pilsner or Klintekongens Klassik with hints of caramel and citrus. All the beers in the range also have names inspired by the people or places in the area.

You can find the many delicious Møns brewery beer anywhere on the island, where various restaurants and cafes will show you their great selection of delicious local delights with pride. This is something to look forward to!