Noorbohandelen spirits specialty store

About Noorbohandelen spirits specialty store

Specialty store with Hand Bottled High quality Spirits, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil. Nyord Mustard and other local delicacies. Cozy café and ice Cream shop.

At the start of the village street in picturesque Nyord is a lovely and unique taste containing plenty of “wet goods” and specialities. Here is Denmark’s first off licence selling alcoholic beverages in bulk from across the globe.

The first sight that greets you when you enter the shop on Nyord is an abundance of alcoholic bottles, hanging upside down – just ready to be tapped. This is an obvious testament to the sumptuous selection of fine spirits, as you can get bottled in a variety of sizes. This is a good way to enjoy many delicious varieties and is also a perfect gift for that special someone.

Besides the fine spirits that adorn much of the business, the store also offers a wide range of local specialities such as the local famous Nyord mustard which you must try!

The shop also serves lunch where you can enjoy sandwiches, cake, snacks and drinks (with or without spirits), which you can enjoy in a lovely setting.

Noorbohandelen is a charming and different place with great service and advice. Definitely worth a visit!

Selected reviews:

Reveiwed on 11/07/2017

Skønt sted! Den skønneste café med speciale i rom, whisky, vin m.m. Absolut et besøg værd - beliggende på Nyord, som er en sand perle af en lille ø nord for Møn. Det er et smukt sted til en hyggelig udflugt.

Reveiwed by Kirsten from DK