Møn fine wine shop

About Møn fine wine shop

Fine wine shop with a large selection of quality wines, liquors and special brewery beers. Buy a glass from the wine bar and enjoy it in the shop or outside.

At the lovely and intimate Storegade with lots of charming atmosphere is local and well-stocked off licence Vinhuset Møn. Inside, the store offers a true wine merchant atmosphere with lots of bottles on the shelves and extensive wine knowledge and love of wine among staff.

The shop has a really great selection of delicious quality wines and spirits, all of which hides a good history that the wine merchant can tell about with great enthusiasm.
Vinhuset Møn select their own wines and spirits with great care and attention to detail at affordable prices. They import and also cooperate with the country’s leading wine companies.

In summer there is outdoor seating in front of the store, where you can enjoy a glass of delicious rosé or bubbles while you enjoy life in Storegade. Furthermore, tastings are held regularly with different themes, where you can taste a variety of interesting wines and find your favourite.