Museumsgaarden farming museum

About Museumsgaarden farming museum

Idyllic agricultural museum in a courtyard farm which provides an interesting glimpse into rural life in the old days.

The old thatched Museumsgården is a well-preserved picture into ancient life and work in the countryside. Here you can experience how the peasants lived from the 1800s and up to the beginning of industrialised agricultural era. The old four-winged farm and garden are lovely and allow you to slow the pace down.

It is interesting for both children and adults to see how people lived, ate and worked in the past – it provides a perspective on your own life. In summer there are volunteers showing ancient techniques – for example, how mustard used to be made.

Museumsgården is an exciting time warp with vivid memories …

Selected reviews:

Reveiwed on 18/11/2017

Hyggeligt! Et ægte frilandsmuseum hvor man får et godt indblik i hvordan livet på landet formede sig "i gamle dage" både inde og ude. Overskueligt til en mindre udflugt hvis man alligevel er på de kanter

Reveiwed by Christian from Frederiksberg, DK