White cliffs of Møn

About White cliffs of Møn

One of the most beautiful places in Denmark! Discover the 100-metre white chalk cliffs from above or enjoy the view from the beach.

Few other places in the country can compete with the beauty of Møns Klint. The white chalk cliffs rise 100 metres above sea level, and the view is dramatic from the beach and the water. From the top of the cliffs you can look far out over the Baltic Sea from the beautiful beech forest. The leaves of the trees are lighter than normal because of the chalk in the ground and therefore the forest maintains its light spring colour for longer.

Møns Klint is a unique natural history site and is an absolute must-see when you get to Møn! Walk nearly 500 steps down to the beach and hunt for interesting geological finds, while enjoying the magnificent scenery, or hop on the mountain bike or hiking boots and experience the wild hilly countryside out to the cliff. In the woods and meadows, you will find interesting flora and fauna – see if you can spot the world’s fastest bird, the peregrine falcon on the white cliffs or find the delicate orchids that are unique to the area (no picking allowed!).

Selected reviews:

Reveiwed on 22/12/2017

En af de ting du bare skal besøge! At stå på klinten og se ud over østersøen, eller gå de mange trapper ned til stranden er en oplevelse, at finde forsiler og se de mange lag i klinten er spændende.

Reveiwed by Mand from Hvidovre