Liselund / Guided tour

About Liselund / Guided tour

The Romantic garden exudes an idyll with water lilies and lapping waters. Nestled in a clearing, the Liselund House tells the gripping story of Antoine de la Calmette and his beloved Lisa who became one of the power couples of Møn in the 1700s.

Few places offer such perfect adventures as the old Liselund Park from the 1700s situated next to the slopes at Møns Klint. The park and the elegant little castle is in Romantic style, and celebrates the drama as the hilly terrain, the large trees and landscaped lakes create.

Around the garden there is a beech forest, and it is even more dramatic when you look down the steep slopes and across the vast Baltic Sea. There are lots of different paths in the wood and slopes creating wonderful adventures for all.

Enjoy a guided tour of the castle and garden or feed the ducks on the lake – the park is very charming and is perfect for a picnic. Liselund is a beautiful oasis in the wilderness!