Møn Gin workshops and guided tours

About Møn Gin workshops and guided tours

Visit the island’s local distillery, which produces handmade spirits made exclusively from herbs, flowers, roots and berries from the wild nature on Møn - a unique and beautiful experience, like Møn’s beautiful landscape.

“One of the best gins I’ve tasted”, say the many customers who have tasted the Møn version of the popular spirit gin. The Møn version called simply ” Møn Gin” or “Isle of Møn Gin” and is a great example of how much can be achieved with a clear vision and local produce.

It is Sara and Uffe, who are behind the now “Denmark Famous” local gin, which is made entirely of ingredients that can be found at Møn. The result is an authentic and traditional high quality gin, which consists of the following herbs and plants: Juniper, Angelica root, Rose hip, elderflower, Triglochin maritima, mugwort, sweet cicely, Tansy, White clover honey, lemon balm and chalk from Møns Klint.

The exclusive Gin is produced in very limited quantities and only one batch is made a year. So, do not hesitate too long to buy if you would like to taste the delicious local gin.
You can find Møn Gin in stores throughout the island.